Friday, October 10, 2008

Peaceful Yummy Purrrrrrr

I am just reveling in the warmth of healing. Like a cat, in a patch of sunlight. So I feel quiet.

Had a great chat with a friend over tea yesterday. Peaceful.

Had a early morning walk with Bug today, collecting leaves, catching up. Sun was out. Purrr. And NO pain, WE WALKED together. Precious, cherished time.

Chemo has tired me, and the last two days I danced with its side effects, but still, Peace.

Yummmmmmy precious peace.

Next week is a Zometa week. So anyone wanting to be "on standby" let me know. hopefully, third time is the charm. I know the CraftyDabbler is out there. Would you like to have a day of knitting and tea? Maybe introduce me to spinning?

I hope you all have a least one moment in this hectic transitional time of pure, purrrrrring Peace.


Kent, Melisa,Tiana (and Coda) said...

Tuesday or Thursday next week I'm free -- your call! Enjoy the sunshine of the day -- both internally and from the out-of-doors! Hugs to all!

craftydabbler said...

Sure, I would love to come over. I have misplaced the knitting bag that had my spindle in it, so unless something wonderful happens there will be no spinning from me in the near future. : (

Sharon Eiler said...

Well, it's already Tuesday . . . sorry I'm slow on the uptake. I need (Ryan) to get your blog on an RSS feed for me. I'm not very technical. I'm available Wed. after 12 . . . may need to know day before bc of childcare issues. Or I'm available Thursday, probably anytime!