Monday, October 20, 2008

Updates and Gratitude Lists

I am experiencing some mild mamma's guilt. Last week, Bug came home from school with an ice pack, a swollen lower left leg and a limp. I passed it off, thinking it would bruise, she would be just fine. I was also in the midst of battle the Zometa. Hard breathing, muscle fatigue, and all around TIREDNESS fogged me from seeing my daughter was a little bit more than a boo-boo bear and kiss away from healing. All weekend, we watched her limp, she watched ballet instead of danced, and we were concerned. But tonight she woke up crying from the pain. DUH. I never followed up. Didn't read. It isn't anything big, I suspect a bruised bone. Still, ouch. I could've been icing it, giving her Tylenol, and more compassion. She has been cruising right along, full energy. I am just shocked I let it go so easily. So, I called the nurse line and am waiting to hear back. I won't go in to the ER over this, but we will see the doc tomorrow. Sigh. That is the end of the mamma guilt. If it was life threatening, I would've moved RIGHT away. They would've done very little anyway. Yipes, it took me three days to ice this!!!!!!!! It's okay, we all have our off times.

Speaking of Zometa. I meant to mention the bad side effects from last week to the doc today and forgot. We got sidetracked by my collage work I had brought in. DOH! I need to talk about it. It is effecting my breathing. NOT good. I will call tomorrow. SO much to do.

On a final note, mamma guilt the other way.........I know people read this blog. Yet I see NO gratitude lists. Hmmmmmmmmmm. The Attitude of Gratitude is a spiritual practice that can transform. Go for it. Need some help......

5 reasons I am grateful for:
My work
My family
The weather
The day
A hobby

There are no right or wrong answers.

Don't make me whip out a Haiku assignment!!!!!!! hehehehehe.



MiMi said...

Hi family,

Well Jenna I never had Zometa days but there are times when the resiliency of our little ones, belies the actual seriousness of what the ailment is. Case in point, a little Jenna, age 4 who wants to go to play so badly she hides the goose egg on her forehead by walking sideways out the door, so mommy won't stick ice on it......!!heeheeee

Hope her leg is okay, she is a tough little one like her mom!
don't wait to long to tell Doc about your breathing (mommy moment here totally!!ha)
Love you all

Mary Helen said...

My gratitude list:
--the sun, bringing warmth, energy and beauty to lift my spirits
--my daughter, an extraordinary person in all respects and a source of joy and love beyond my imagination
--my daughter's school and teachers, which allow her to soar and thrive
--my husband, who makes me laugh
--our (relative) financial security, which provides security and opportunities I didn't have as a child
--God and my faith, which guide all aspects of my life
--Libraries, for who could ever own enough books?
--a sense of wonder, which lets me see all the amazing things in the world and marvel at its richness and goodness

The list could go on, but I have laundry to do!

--Mary Helen