Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Always ask

Hello friends!

My mood is so much better today. Some good sleep, appetite returned (and food eaten!!) and getting to do some of my own de-stressing techniques has put some energy back into me. It is so easy just to get overwhelmed and it is important to not stay there. I will always keep that in mind and do the things that bring me back to my center. SO important right now.

I also wanted everyone to know, if you have questions about anything, call and ask. Or email and ask. It may take me a day or two to reply, maybe not. Your emails and phonecalls have gone a long way in helping me stay sane. No question is a bad question, and some of you questions help me go "Oh, goooood question, I better ask that one myself!" Don't feel shy about overwhelming me. If I am in overwhelmed mode, I simply wont' check email or pick up the phone at that moment. You can even post them here.

Heck, post "thinking of you" replies here. I check them. And they really really really do help at hard moments. A few emails have made it into my "cancer folder" that I am keeping track of all these appointments in. They really lift me up.

I did finally get some great news today, that it appears my brain is cancer free!!!!!! After all of the "it is here, here, here and here" I can't tell you how happy I was. It gave me renewed energy.

I don't feel like "I" am lost. My body is slowed down, in some pain, and quick to tire, but still, Jenna is in here :)

I am still on a list of diagnostic procedures. Spine tomorrow, heart & liver tests to make sure they can handle the chemo. And I am compiling questions. I do feel like I am getting information in pieces and now it is time to bring it ALL together. All this is like shifting wind and we are a little boat.

Bug and I tried on "chemo hats" and scarves today. She giggled and plans to steal them. She said she thinks I will look really silly without any hair. I agreed. Love that kid. Then she curled up with me and we watched a movie together. She just keeps giving me tons of kisses and nuzzles.

Night all,

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