Thursday, June 12, 2008

Jenna's Journey

With some pain meds, food in my belly, and some sleep, my energy is definetly rising again. The initial shock and numbness are giving way to renewed energy to face this again.

Tomorrow, I go into surgery to get a device that sits under my skin and takes the chemo. To celebrate (?????) I am going in tonight to get a crop cut. For one, I can't keep up with this long hair right now. I am too tired and busy to blow dry and style. But also, to help adjust to my impending turn at being a baldy for awhile. So, I figure, I should have some fun. I might dye it a fun color or
streak it pink. I don't know yet. I have good energy and no plans tonight. So, off I go.

Asked lots of questions today between two doctors, and have a clearer understanding of where all this is hiding out (or not hiding) and what the plan is and why. I started to hear more about turning the cancer as much as possible, and then holding it steady, possibly for years! Nothing is guaranteed, but I think the plan sounds solid.

Going to read up more on side effects, and get an ND and nutriontist on board to help keep me as healthy as possible and energy good through it. The type of chemo I am getting is suppose to be very low on the nausea scale. Wew. Again, person to person.

One more little unexpected finding to learn more about. It appears I have two types of tumors in my breasts. Which one matastized? That is the question. Find out next week. Liver biopsy.

The doc also wants me to talk to a patient he has had for five years. She was in my boat, and is still here and doing very well. I REALLY needed that. Cool.

AND - THE SUN FINALLY CAME OUT IN SEATTLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It has been winter for weeks. WEW!


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