Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Chemo Day Catch Up

So, my first round of chemo was yesterday. :) I was so excited to get in there and get the healing happening. Even in the month of testing and getting it all going, I can feel it's progression some. So, VERY happy to start turning the tides towards healing and feeling confident in our decision/path of action.

Very good news is it went smoothly!! No reactions to the Taxol or the Herceptin. The Taxol can have some issues, luckily, none of those applied to me. I had no nausea, no real anything odd going on. I even had enough energy to get my mother-in-law and me to a grocery store. We SO took our time and didn't push anything. And I came home just tired enough to know it was time to call it quits and lay down for the day.

Eating some YUM split pea soup and rice that Anna Katherine made (THANKS BY THE WAY! So sorry I missed you dropping it off!) And I am feeling all cozy and cared for.

So, the big fear of "what will this do to me?" is out of the way. And as Sharon so pefectly put in any email:

"Congrats! Tonight you are slightly more cancer free than you were earlier today! :-) "

So perfect that was the first thing I read today!! And I leave you all with that for now.


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