Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Daily Prayers

Every morning, I wake up and the very first thought I have is:
Today is a good day to heal.

Then I say this intention (brought to me by Susan):

Today, I committ myself fully to healing and trust fully in my body wisdom to lead me to those people and things that will lead to my healing.

And I feel this soak through my body into every cell. I do this before I let my feet touch the ground.

It is a good way to start a day.

The day off was good for me. I needed to re-energize.
I got a KICK ass wig, and a pedicure (that the technician lovingly let me sleep through!) and got the evening with Bug to read read read.

I may be waiting to start chemo til Monday. I have too many questions, and need a few more pieces of the support structure under me before I start to challenge my system. From talking to the docs, the few days should't hurt and only give me more confidence in having the tools lined up to heal.

My port is healing up well. Instead of sore, I now feel this crazy little thing sitting under my skin. SO weird. But after looking at my beat up arms, I am grateful for this device in the future! No more IV's for blood draws, and meds can go in there, instead of in my arms. Wew!

For those wishing to help:
- We have a nasty yard that is in dire need of being declared a buttercup national monument, or being mowed ;)
We have SO gratefully eaten through the delicious meals that have been provided.
- If anyone is heading to Target, I have a few requests.

Okay, night all!

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Kent, Melisa,Tiana (and Coda) said...

I'm quite sure that Tiana and would be totally able to get to Target tomorrow afternoon (say after 2:30) if that's not too late for you! Shoot me an email with your needs and I'll be on my way! I work from 7:30-2, but then am free!