Monday, June 9, 2008


Okay, so I already forgot my little tags that describe each kind of entry. Close enough.

So, we seem all good for childcare and food for a few days easy. Maybe, Thursday and Friday will be more filled than I expected and we will need help then as well.

We are looking like we are going to be starting treatments sooner rather than later. I did get some good information back today. Not "yeah, this will be easy", but "okay, one step at a time."

And that is about all I am going to tell you right now. Let's just say, it isn't in one spot, and the docs have a plan and we are going to be taking care of it the best we all know how. I feel relief, all this fatigue and pain I have been in, well, at least I know why and there just might be something we can do about it.

On the wall of the nurses office today was a cartoon that had a little girl on the doctors table and a doc saying "We can't say if it is an owie, or booboo. It's to soon to tell, we need to run more tests." It made me laugh really hard. I needed that.

Hard day. Lots of quick decisions to be made this week. So send lots of steady grace energy my way as we make our decisions on what to do.

Go love someone,

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