Monday, June 30, 2008

Intention for the Day

Today is Chemo Day #2.

So, I would like to set the intention/prayer for today through this blog. As everyone reads it, I believe it gets the energy moving/building towards the intention.

Today is a good day to heal.

Today, I call upon the wisdom of my body, and the wisdom of those who possess healing tools, to join together to heal.

I thank those who've developed the medicines and the skills to administor the medicines that enter my body for they are charged with a sacred task to heal. I thank all those who've done the work before me, doctos and patients, and have brought us to this point where I may now have the opportunity to heal. I fully and open heartedly accept this medicine.

I also accept that my body is an amazing healing tool. Within it, I have the capacity to aid in my own healing. May it take what it needs from the medicine, and focus in on only that which needs to be broken down and transformed into Wholeness and Good Health. My body will allow what is healthy to remain healthy, and aid in the removal of all cancer cells. My body will also heal quickly, because I am young, and strong and have the capacity to regenerate my body at all times. It was made to do just that. I accept the wisdom that came with this body to heal.

I also accept all the love and healing prayers and energy to take this healing to the next level and may those wonderful radiant thoughts and prayers carry me through this process with Ease and Grace.

I finally am delighted to know today, that as all these aspects join together, healing is amplified and radiates through me.

I thank the Universe, that Divine spark that makes us alive, for providing me with such blessed and wonderful opportunities to heal.

And so it is.


Susan said...

I am sending you lots of healing prayers :)


Jen L said...

I have been thinking of you Jenna! I read the first email that Sarah sent out and then had to take a step back for a while. We love you & hope to see you soon! HUGS :)