Sunday, June 15, 2008

The Pixie Cut

Okay, okay. Finally!

I am adjusting. Bug cried, Candida loved it, and Jim said he "really really like the way it shows off my eyes".

But don't get toooooooooo used to it, for soon it will be gone ;)

Speaking of. Any of my crafty girls want to help make some kick ass caps for my soon to be shiney head? Knit, scarf, etc?

Night all!


doggiestylebulli said...

Hey there, I am fumbling through this thing trying to leave you a note. So if I end up leaving you a few of the same thing just a blonde moment. Love you much and am thinking of you, miss you hope to see ya soon. lots of hugs and kisses.
Glad mom is there to help. hugs and kisses to everyone.


Sharon Eiler said...

You look awesome! You may never go back to long hair. I think you're going to be totally striking with no hair. It does bring out your eyes. Think Sinead O'Connor.