Saturday, June 28, 2008

THE song

Two sections of this song constantly run through my head. In the elevator on the way to an oncologist, in the PET tube, waking up in the morning. So, I thought I would share the whole song. Click the picture to see the video.

"but you can't kill my spirit, it's a soul and it's strong,
like a mountain I go on and on,
and when my wings are folded,
the brightly colored moth,
blends into the dirt, into the ground."

The kicker is that she came out with a new album called Courage. How appropriate the timing on that one. Of all the music I love, it is Paula's that has carried me through this entire ordeal. Always lines popping up in the midst of stress, pain, joy....kind of like a magic 8 ball, but with songs that answer to the situation.

"I'm walking on the bridge,
I am over the water,
and I'm scared as hell,
but I know there's something better,
yes I know there's something better,
Yes, I know!
Yes, I know!
Yes, I know!"

Rock on Paula!

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