Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Post Chemo #2 Day #1

Chemo went smoothly last night. Lots of visitors from start to finish kept me from sleeping like the Benedryl that I had given me was wanting me too. But it was good to see the friendly faces. I had hoped to collage, but appears the Benedryl they give me might make me too drowsy to do so. Humph.

Today is still going pretty well. They said usually hits 24-36 hours after the treatment was administered, which was very true last week.

Today, quietly watched for the edges of it, saw it coming, medicated properly. By midafternoon, I had those nasty body aches starting to make little storms of pain erupt briefly here and there. Took my meds some more, didn't really stop it. So I turned to my ways.

I got out a meditation/visualization CD for Chemotherapy from a brillant woman who has thrived beyond cancer herself. I did the three tracks for post-chemo and was pain free and finally asleep. Amazing. ;) Now, I am just incredibly unable to keep my eyes open, but pain free still.

So, it is about being a good body listener. Small meals when hungry starts keeps nausea away. The edges of pain in my hips means stop moving. Pain in muscles/joints means it all stops, pull out all the help and get to sleep for a good while.

Learning. Learning.


MiMi said...
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Kent, Melisa,Tiana (and Coda) said...

It was super good to see you yesterday, if but for a brief moment, and glad to read here that you were able to keep the worst of what could have been at bay! I wish you the same today and as you listen and respond to your body, as the chemo does it's work of ridding you of the yucky stuff, may you also find more energy for the things you want to do as you live! HUGS!