Monday, July 14, 2008

Chemo Day #4 - Chemo Explained

Just a very quick post to do some explaining. I am hearing this question many times, which means it is probably on a lot of peoples minds.

Up to this point, I have been receiving Taxol (chemo) and Herceptin.

The Taxol is the chemo drug.
The Herceptin kind of blocks the cancer cells from reproducing.

I had a reaction to the Taxol, not the Herceptin.

Last week I received Herceptin.
I just barely started to get the Taxol, when the reaction occured and it was stopped and Benedryl was given along with oxygen.

Now, we are switching to a new form of Taxol. The Taxol part is still the same, it is the base it is delivered in that is different and non-allergenic.

This means I will no longer receive the premeds (yeah!) because those were to help if there was a reaction. This new form of Taxol won't do that, so no premeds are needed.

I will still be receiving Herceptin as usual.

Hopefully this means my weeks will be easier, because my body is working around a drug that it was having a reaction too. We shall see.

Gotta go get chemo now. But thought I would explain. :)

Healing, cleansing and loving vibes!

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