Sunday, July 20, 2008

Kitty Hair or My Hair? Oh my!

Happy Sunny Sunday morning. Life is good. I should've branded that myself. lol!

Yesterday, for our anniversary, we went and adopted a cat from PAWS. Not just any cat, a one year old grey long hair with beautiful green eyes and the cutest little mew. She is just the right combination of independent, mellow, and cuddle-bug. We all thought we would start our search for a new cat this weekend, but we all instantly fell for this wee one.

She is a long hair. And I have hair...still. Plenty of it. I did notice that I didn't have to pluck my eyebrows for the first time. So, maybe the hair loss is starting. Hmmm. Don't know. But now I can blame any stray hairs on my pillow on the cat.

So, yes, STILL have a full head of hair. I did notice a few strands in my palm today. Who knows?

We missed having our cat after the local coyotes started picking off local cats before we heard coyote pup voices joining in the chorus. Having lots of nap times, sure made me miss her. It is really nice to have a lapcat who is sooooooooo tiny and sweet. She follows Bug around like a puppy would follow her. Very cute.

Back to the new chemo tomorrow. What a way to spend your 10th anniversary. "Darling, I love you! Can you push my IV poll for me?" hehehehe.

Happy Sun-day

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