Monday, July 7, 2008

Chemo Week 3

Good news, and "hmmmm" news.

Good news. Things are looking good. Like this might be working. Less pain, more mobility, and they are amazed at how I am looking. They can just tell, it is working and are excited. AND MY BLOOD COUNTS WENT UP NOT DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!

The "ack" news. I had an anaphalatic shock reactio to the chemo today. S-C-A-R-Y as all get out. I didn't think I would die, I knew I was in good hands and they would pull me out of the nose dive. But YIPES!

Why this time? Because we did it full on. The last two times, that have given the Taxol slowly, to watch for reactions. Since I had none, they decided to go full on. Unfortunately, this time I reacted very quickly and very strongly to Taxol. Apparently, I looked like a tomato, or strawberry. YIPES!

But obviously, I pulled out and am here. So no Taxol this week. I will talk to my medical oncologist this week to figure out what to do next. They can control the reactions, now that they know I have them. But I need to talk to my doctor more before I know what the resolution to this problem will be.

So, think good thoughts! The Taxol seems to be working! Hopefully, we can do this safely.


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