Friday, July 4, 2008

Stick a Needle, there, there, there, there..and...there

I love love love acupuncture. :)

She did in one day, with 10 needles, what no drug could do, and my body feels sooooooooo much better. :)

Thanks Anna K for Stella. She just rocks!!!

I know I have all types of people reading this blog now. People I know and people I don't know. So i have not been sure how much to delve into certain details.

But the acupuncturist just undid a nasty side effect of the pain meds that the doctors were kind of struggling with and throwing more pills at. YES. yes yes yes yes yes. :)

Pain meds can cause constipation. YIPES! Who wants to talk about that. But really. In healing cancer, from my point of view, you need that GI system really working for you all it can. You are clearing out LOADS of stuff, and your GI system is it's way out. So, if it isn't working, you aren't getting the most out of your chemo. PLUS my body feels worn out and malnourished.

So, to have the system moving again, instead of paralyzed, without chemicals and dependency, is so key. NOW, I am a real savvy nutrition girl. I know what to put in my body to help it with the chemo, and to help it from becoming paralzyed again. This to me tips me back into the feeling of "my body can handle this".

I am so doing things BOTH ways. I know I have an amazing medical oncologist. But she doesn't really understand that I would rather have a Rx for acupuncture, and save the drug for the times the body just can't quit do it on it's own. This experience has reminded me, I am hear to learn and to teach and to UNITE two fields.

I am so much happier today.

(who reserves the right to talk about GI systems, and have mood swings, and giggle still)

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