Friday, July 4, 2008

The Burning Questions, Answered...maybe.

Okay, now that my energy is back, I have loads to catch up on. So multiple post day.

That being said, two topics I have been watching circulate the discussion amongst friends/family. I think they need some air time here.


Q: But why did this happen to Jenna? She is such a nutritious eater, walks and meditates, is young no history of breast cancer? Isn't that suppose to make you immune to cancer?

A: That answer is obviously a "No. Apparently not." So let's look deeper into that on.
There are two levels to this question. The physical "why", and the spiritual "why".

Psycho-Spiritual "WHY?"

There is no "get out of life" free card. No matter what you do, what mountain top of spirituality you climb, or the good you do or don't do in this world - we still are spiritual beings in human form living under the conditions of physicality. Short version: We break. Now, by doing our inner-work, we can sure boost our immune systems, and keep illness at bay better. But as my Health Psychology professor told us in Psycho-Nuero-Immunology, "Sometimes, you just get sick."

There is this picture I have of the Dali Lama. I love it. Yes, he has a gentle smile, kind eyes. But I keep it, because.....he has glasses and wrinkles, and is stooped over. His enlightenment didn't keep him looking 25, and disease free. But it sure does help keep those eyes gentle, the smile kind.

I am moved at how highly people seem to assess my spiritual prowesses as something higher up on the "scale", but never ever do I think of that as a way to avoid suffering and life. No one can. It does, however, inform my REACTION. If anyone wants to "spiritual" Jenna blog, email me. I will pass it your way. For those who want a really amazing book, try "When Bad Things Happen To Good People". Good read. It should be handed out on Graduation day along with "Oh, the Places You Will Go".

The Physical "WHY":

I have heard so many stories now of woman in the 20-30's who are diagnosed in Stage 4 . Mainly because of what so many of you have said about me, "But you are young, eat well, exercise, no family history." I have stumped the nurses over it all. But genetics may be playing a part here. We will find out. Maybe not breast cancer genetics, but a syndrome that effects the genes and shows up as several forms of cancer in a family line. So far, we've had them all show up in the last three generations. So we may test to see if that is what is going down the family line (shutter at the thought of Bug having this mutated gene, but I can't even go there right now).

If that isn't the case, we still have toxins. And this is where my warrior cries out "This toxic soup has got to stop!" I have always felt that way, but even more so now. We are SO separated from natural, so numbed out, we can't even see the imbalances. I believe we are beginning to. And I hope it hits everyone like an addiction. The more natural you go, the more you feel how off it all is, and the more natural you become and we make the world a greener place. No gene splicing plastics required.


I have chemo brain. And I don't remember what that was right now. hehehehe. Seriously I can't. And that was long enough. So it will wait for another time.
So, I will leave you with this:


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