Sunday, July 6, 2008

Going off the Grid

Hi all! I have been having a creepy feeling lately about how public this blog is becoming. It was intended to be for friends and family who genuinely wanted to follow my progress. A way for letting everyone know, in one shot, what is going on and how I am holding up.

But in light of emails and commentary posted to my blog, I am seeing that is going beyond the reach of genuinely interested people, and into the realm of people I don't really know, and in turn,I feel like a soap opera digest. Blugh.

Therefore, to protect the privacy/safety of my family, AND to keep this free from unsolicited commentary, I would like to make this a member only board. IF you are interested in following my blog and journey, please email me a simple email. In the heading write "Keep Me Posted".
Please know, if you were on the original list of people I sent, I do mean you. If you are someone I don't know well, but were referred to this blog....and want to read on, email me privately.

For now, let me think on this and read up on blog/privacy issues to see how open I can keep it.
I want it there for other moms going through this too, those I don't know.

Hmm, thinking, thinking.....


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