Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Day To Transform and Heal

Wow! What a great day to transform and heal. Loving loving loving it.

I know so many people say "This chemo is killing EVERYTHING inside you! AHHH! It's poison!"

Really? Really?

Okay, there is truth in there. But this is the way I see it.

Our bodies regenerate themselves COMPLETELY aaaaaaaaaallllllll the time. Some organs and systems regenerate over months, other years. And my body lost it's way. For some reason, something blocked the flow of this.

So now, I have this powerful medicine. It isn't for the faint of heart. It is going in there and clearing out what I couldn't naturally and giving me a chance TO REBUILD!

So I ask:

How many times in your life do you consciously rebuild your body?

We could. All the time. But many of us are on autopilot and rushing around so quickly "Doing what we have to to get by." Do you want to get by, until you get sick and then have to deal. Or can you step up to living consciously everyday?

I have this rare opportunity to go in there, and rebuild my body consciously.

What food do I want to put in there to help it build? Junk this time? Or food that GLOWS with nutrients that were meant for my body. Not something processed and beaten up and the vital force taken out of it. Instead, something when I put in my body my cells feel light and buoyant and radiant. :)

What thoughts (or rush of neurotransmitters) do I want to be the primary influences that surround the rebuilding of my tissue? Every thought comes with a rush of neurotramsmitters. The more you use them, the more they stick around and are available. Neurons that were build around saddness and self doubt can be culled from lack of use, and in there places I can put a sense of wellness and confidence. Really. Just like muscles. Use it and they become stronger.

What elements, although subtle and hard to see, do I want to be the essence of what is feeding while these tissues rebuild? We all "feel" it. You walk into a space and feel comforted and held, or uneasy and unnourished. Choose.

Wow. Powerful stuff. Again, this healing/disease feels so mental. I can celebrate the changes, or fear them. And in the end, the error of the cancer cell may still be to great to overcome this time. But the strength of the person building around it......wow, I would rather experience that for a couple of years, than decades of feeling broken.

Again, music is so key to me. It too influences how I will rebuild what is broken. And Xavier Rudd is like a kindred soul. This song I am going to share......really makes me tap into something very primal and powerful that God/GreatSpirit/Universe has given us to feed us and give us life. And anytime I hear this song, all the cells in my body really build energy and I smile and cry and dance.

I dare you to sit still on this. :) Click to play video:

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swolson1 said...

Your point about being on auto-pilot reminds me of Po Bronson's book, What Should I Do With my Life. He tells the stories of folks who decide (or are in the process of deciding) to make a big change in their lives. Bronson concludes that many people want to make a big change, but don't actually do it until illness or another life-changing event forces them to do so.

Thanks for reminding us to be more proactive!

(Great to see you at camp yesterday!)