Monday, July 7, 2008

I think I Got It

Hey friends! So, I think I have figured out a problem to my diliema of keeping this a bit more private for now. I found I can make this a member only list. You will have to sign up and I will then know who is viewing this website. THAT sounds like a perfect solution. I do believe I need to invite onto the board, therefore, I really do need an email address from you to send the invite.

And to clarify what I mean by keep thing "localized" to friend and family.
1) Do our kids go to school together! Please JOIN!
2) Do our kids play together? PLEASE JOIN!
3) Did you send us a Christmas card, PLEASE JOIN!
4) Did I ever have a face to face conversation with you? PLEASE ASK TO JOIN!
5) Did someone refer to the board, and it helps you, PLEASE ASK TO JOIN!
6) Are you like 6 degrees of seperation (like Kevin Bacon) and are on the 6th tier. MAYBE YOU BETTER ASK FIRST, SEND REFERENCES, AND DO AN INTERVIEW. ;) hehehehe

I just don't want people I don't know, reading. If I know you, and you know me, we are cool, please send along you email address so I can send the invite to join.

I will also moderate comments, to scan for things that could make others feel uncomfortable or inflame a arguement. I don't mind talking at all about Jesus, church, or prayer. I do mind using this as a platform to preach and scare people.

This isn't just about the board, I have recieved strange (and disturbing) stuff in the mail, and emails that just don't sit well with me. So, I need to reign this in some.

IF you have a friend who might benefit from knowing my experience, PLEASE FEEL FREE TO OFFER this to them. I just need to send an invite, so I know who is referring them, why and that they are lurking.

Does that clear the air? I hope I didn't isolate anyone, please be courageous to ask. If you do, I am probably NOT talking about YOU and I would love to clear that up.

Hope that helps. I will start members lists this week. SO please, send you email on if you want to be added. Even if we've never met.

This really is about safety. I am telling people "Kid needs to be picked up from school" and I don't want a snooping stranger getting ideas. Pedophiles do lurk on boards to get just that kind of info and a savvy one could quickly figure out where she is. Safety really in the end. The comments from strangers have just made me realize how public this board is becoming.

Again, hope that alleviates "Is she talking about me?' Probably not.


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