Thursday, July 17, 2008

Gratitude List for a Bumpy Day

The variety of bird songs outside my window.
The DVD my friend gave me about healing.
My friend who gave me the DVD.
Talking to Susan.
Seeing Bug's toys and remembering her creativity.
Remembering what it feels like to do a backbend.
The cool clean air I am breathing in.
My cozy pillow.
My cozy bed.
Knowing my daughter is supported.
Knowing I am supported.
Knowing Jim is supported.
Healing foods nourishing my body back to health.
Peppermint tea when I don't want to eat, soothing my stomach and returning my desire to eat.
The color of Peonies.


1 comment:

Susan said...

:) We can all use gratitude lists. And you are on mine too :) Plus, mine includes baby deer playing in the yard, fresh raspberries from my garden, sugar snap peas, friends that support me an keep my focused on the adventure of it all, Tori while packing, and a good nights sleep tonight :)

love you