Monday, July 28, 2008

contemplation with trees

So. I am just quiet. I move and speak at the pace of trees. Ever seen Lord of the Rings, those tall trees, that speak very very slowly. I sit, and watch the blur of the world, racing, racing, racing, and giggle, for they know not what they are missing with all the racing. lol. I simply can't. Trying to only makes me grumpy and snappish. So, me and the trees, we move together, very steady and slow and grounded.

The body is working hard this week. Counts are still in "normal"person range, which made the nurse very pleased. But I am not feeling peppy. I know my body is healing, and it's the chemo running me down. It is taking effort to keep that in my mind. I need to support it very well this week. Last week, I overextended. But I fixed what was causing that, and am hoping for less "fluish" feelings this week and higher energy.

If there were floating trees, and hair on that woman, it would express how I am feeling right now very well. It still does, which is why it is up.

Slightly disconnected, spacey, multi-dimensional.

Going to go be very, very slow now.


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MiMi said...

Dearest Daughter,

Rest well today and that you need a haircut!! PTL
A Poem I read today;

"Shall not He who led me safely
Through the footsteps of this day
Lead with equal understanding
All along the my future way?"

May you continue to see your way along your path and understand the way it leads you and see to what it leads you with the same grace and contemplation you have thus far. Luv You