Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Some random thoughts on the Winter Blues

I think I have a case of the shut in Winter Blues. Oh, yeah. It isn't WINTER! Oh, Seattle. Why oh why, do you have to be gray so late into July? Another day cuddled up in my hoodie? Really?

Don't you understand I need WARMTH, SUNLIGHT and a little rain now and then to grow. Don't you understand, oh, weather pattern that began in April, that July is when us little seeds like to grow?! Have mercy on us shut ins, who can't easily get to a park, so slough off rain drops and take in some green. I depend on you golden sunlight rays warming the tops of the evergreen ridges to add some lightness to my days. Even the birds our huddled up on the branch, not flying perky through the trees to bring songs.

I am tempted to jump in my car, on my own, and go to the water. If I get too tired to drive home, I will sleep in my car until I do have the energy to drive back home. Brown walls, grey skies, and the same old same old is getting this girl weary. Seattle, you are not matching my mood. And I am being drawn into that grayness. Come on. Break 80 degrees!

So, do some sun dances, pray for sun, whatever. But oh Seattle.....Seattle...what is this weather?



MiMi said...

Dearest Daughter,
Wishing you sunshine in the next few days.
Read from Streams In The Desert this morning: you are one of profound character:

"The shallow nature lives in its impulses, its impressions, its intuituins, its instincts, and very largely its surroundings. The profound character looks beyond all these, and moves steadily on, sailing past all storems and clouds into the clear sunshine".

May you move steadily thru this storm sweetie.
Love you the mostest

Kent, Melisa,Tiana (and Coda) said...

I'm with you friend! First sunny day, I'll steal you out of your "cage" and set you free just to be quiet by yourself where you will -- be it Edmonds, Richmond Beach, or the "forest" near Yost Park. Sending you love. I'm heading out to the mountains for the weekend, but I'll carry you there with me in my mind and heart.